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we are

florist owned & florist run

Florist by trade, Swedish by birth, and interior enthusiast in soul, ZoZo, with his wife, Leah, launched their brainchild, Bloomr, as a passion project in 2015. In 2004, Zozo embarked on his career as a Florist and very quickly found himself drawn to artificial florals due to their longevity. He saw the challanges people faced in caring for fresh-cut flowers, as well as the disappointment people had when throwing them away, but, most of all, he noted the emptiness of a space without flowers or plants. And with that he set out to fill spaces with long-lasting, faux florals and plants. In 2006, Zozo began exclusively working with artificials and left the fresh flowers to enjoy their natural habitat.

Bring Long-Lasting Life To Interiors Is Our Mission.

In 2015, Leah, with a background in e-commerce, a knack for branding, and a serious eye for design, joined Zozo on his mission and brought in her expertise to create what is now Bloomr. Their motivation to create and establish a brand in the market that offers consumers easy access to top-quality, high-design, fine faux florals and plants stemmed from one simple notion: To bring long-lasting life to interiors.

scandinavian design

is the soul of our company

Bloomr designs are inspired by ZoZo's Scandinavian heritage. Our products are characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should decorate your interiors, is a core theme is Swedish Culture, and with important meaning to ZoZo, that theme resonates in all Bloomr products.

we believe

We want you to know what motivates us.

  • Your home should be inspiring.
  • Rules don't exist in interior design, only feelings.
  • Quality is everything.
  • If seeing animals in a cage makes you sad, that's how we feel about flowers in a vase.
  • Unless its a hobby, maintenance is a hassle.
  • A space without flowers or plants is an empty space.
  • If it doesn't get you excited, don't buy it.
  • If you can't live without it, then don't.
  • Life is better with company, so open you home and entertain.
  • Flowers are like babies, they need to be changed, fed, and loved.
  • Decorate Faux.